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There are many different and exotic excursions but there are none more interesting and exciting as Just Safari – JeepSafari Tour. If you are looking for ways to combine adventure with visiting a new country then exclusive jeep tour is just what you are looking for. Taking a jeep safari tour is an experience that can literally change your vacation, being at one with nature is something that has to be seen to be believed. Some of places are quite traditional and rustic in style and others are more modern and contemporary.  Just Safari Team offers something for everyone, variety of surroundings and activities, unique nature within their pure environment, pristine beaches, lunch on the beach, relaxed atmosphere, a bit of snorkeling in crystal clear water, cultural heritage presented in typical Dominican house mixed with splendid natural habitat around the same house…

Seeing local life on television does not compare to the real thing, also what you hear from someone is their opinion, not yours. So many people love to see nature scenery unspoiled nature although they don’t know where to find them. The only way to enjoy unspoiled nature, truly worth going to, is by taking a venture trip to countryside. Quality adventure tours in Punta Cana are characterized by many factors, including the use of four-wheel-drive vehicles rather than buses, access to spectacular remote sites, provision of challenging adventure activities, and active hands-on participation in excursion. The use of 4×4 vehicles typically allows access to more remote, difficult and spectacular parts of the country surroundings. This is for all you outdoor enthusiasts out there – you know who you are.

Not all places to wander are on the well-paved roads. Here you have the provision to drive the off-road vehicle through many miles of countryside. For any passionate driver, off-road vehicle driving is a matter of great adventure and fun. Safaris in Punta Cana are an ideal way to explore Dominican Republic breathtaking flora and fauna, rich with natural beauty and endless activities to keep the most seasoned traveler in suspense. Punta Cana is a land of unspoiled beauty and diverse terrain, nature lovers paradise, with each area bringing something new to your jeep safari experience. This is your chance to explore the rugged terrain and learn about this country up-close and personal. Jeep Adventure in Punta Cana is tailor-made to meet the most desired locations with a variety of educational details and fun for the entire family. Take a 4wd jeep tour and enjoy some of the beautiful places, swim on the beach, drive through countryside, and just have a funtastic time.



Resorts are trying to provide unique activities and offers to attract more visitors, but everything is organized inside the resorts where you can not see real natural beauty or learn about a country. People have different choices and various options to design their activities on holidays and make the best of their time on Caribbean sun, Punta Cana is in true sense of the world a paradise for tourists of various vacation preferences. Spending time in splendid beauty of nature, experiencing environmentally conscious excursion is one of the best escapes from all the worries and problems. If freedom and adventure are what you are looking for, then we have some wonderful places to show you. Rich landscape seen in a unique way, exploring seldom seen parts of the area on exhilarating jeep rides, on eco tourism oriented tour… priceless. Are you ready for Caribbean experience ?

Undoubtedly Punta Cana is one of the best places to spend your vacation days; it has loads of things that will make your holiday a perfect one and a one to remember life-long. Among all those experiences is the jeep tours organized by Just Safari Team, which will exhilarate your adrenaline and will completely thrill you. If you are new to off roading, don’t worry. The road is rugged and bumpy occasionally but nothing to threat of, its even safe for children and olders. Before each off road adventure we will ensure that your 4wd jeep is in great working order, checked over by a mechanic. It’s hard to beat the safari experience for pure adventure, especially if you head to Punta Cana and Bavaro. Our excursion is designed to perfectly showcase the wonders of nature while treating travelers to exciting experiences they can’t get elsewhere.

Traveling to any destination leaves unforgettable memories and experiences that quite literally serve as landmarks in life. Experiences, thrills, adventures, are just a few of the adjectives that can describe a Just Safari Jeep Tour. Jeep Safari day is a truly unforgettable holiday experience, it touches something deep within and is an experience that you shall never forget. A jeep allows you to explore richly diverse landscapes and an abundance of Dominican life. Our exclusive Just Safari Tour offers stunning opportunities for adventure and exploration. Revel in the freedom of a world free of walls and doors, create wonderful memories together with your family and friends, feel your dose of thrilling, up-close experience; it’s a great moment to think about outdoor activities that can keep you all healthy, happy and more energized. Consider to join us on next trip; you won’t regret it.