4 Locations in 1 day Jeep Adventure

A day full of fun and excitement for the whole family


Macao Beach

Get to enjoy a refreshing swim

At the very start of our adventurous, thrilling and exciting jeep-safari tour we are heading to an amazing unexplored beach in Macao. Once there you will have a refreshing swim in the ocean, as well as enjoy coconut milk and fresh squeezed juices from tropical fruits, prepared just for you, on the shore. No need to mention that beach is amazing, clean, with crystal clear water, far away from the crowd, hotels and resorts. Pure excellence.


Zipline & Horseback

Experience the thrill and enjoy the moment

The zipline, as you can imagine, is awesome, exhilarating and breathtaking. The guides are friendly, relaxed in everything that they do and make you feel secure while having a great time.

Horseback riding is another enjoyable vacation activity on HorsePlay ranch; each horse is individually chosen for every rider, by his weight and riding experience. Whether you are novice, intermediate or pro rider, your guide will adjust route and speed to match.


Dominican House

Experience the extraordinary life of locals

Our third destination is typical countryside house, with beautiful tropical garden, where you will be served with a wonderful, authentic and typical Dominican lunch. There you will also be able to see the interior of typical Dominican village house, and learn the process of harvesting and making cacao (main ingredient of chocolate), coffee, vanilla, cinnamon. Also, you will learn authentic process of making of mamajuana (or Mama Juana) traditional Dominican drink also called 100% natural “Dominican viagra”.


Rancho Real

Make and taste real Cuban cigars

After those colorful landscapes, as our final destination, we will take a break on a Rancho Real learning about cigar producing techniques. Between other things to see, you will have opportunity to roll your own cigar and take it away as a gift and memory on your holiday in Caribbean. Tobacco is high quality, in same range with famous Cuban cigars (same climate conditions, too) so it is a perfect chance to try cigars with different tastes and sizes for free or buy an ideal gift for your family and friends at home.

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